Step By Step Guide On How to Sell Online For Free

Sell Online For Free

With the internet technology taking over the world, many people are projected to lose their jobs. That’s why you have to prepare yourself for the inevitable by learning a new skill. The internet offers excellent opportunities for everyone, regardless of their religion, culture, and language, to make money selling things online without paying a dime. This article walks you through the steps to start selling products online for free:

The first step to selling products online for free is to create an email account

An email is a must-have tool when looking to start a business online. It’s where you’ll receive messages from prospects and regular customers about your business. You can choose a platform to create an email on, for example, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Google is the best because it’s reliable and doesn’t experience a lot of downtimes.

Create a blog with the best Content Management System for free to sell products online

Content Management Systems like WordPress,, Drupal, and Joomla allow you to create a blog for free to sell your products online. WordPress is, by far, the best platform to build a blog for free. After creating a blog, give it a name and choose a free theme to make the blog attractive. Start creating high-value content and share them on social media platforms. 

When you start getting traffic on your blog, monetize it by signing up for Google, Adsense, and Affiliate programs. Google Adsense is a program that allows you to place ads on your blog and earn money from them. Ideally, when someone clicks on the ads or makes a purchase, you get a certain percentage of money as commission. Affiliate marketing is selling other companies’ products on your blog. The company pays you a specific percentage of money on any sale you make.

Look at what other blogs in your niche are doing to scale your business online

Check your competitors’ blogs and pick out great ideas to implement on your blog. Examine the marketing strategies they are using to sell products online, as well as the wording they’re using. Make a point to also check out their Google Adsense ranking. From those insights, you will be motivated to put more effort into your blog to enable it to generate a lot of money.


The good thing about creating a free blog with WordPress is that you’re not limited to making money with it. You can create your digital products such as ebooks, Photos, courses and much more and sell on the platform for free. If you’re are a cost-conscious individual, then this is the right method for you to make money online without spending a dime.