4 Tips on How to Advertise and Market a Website and Products Internationally

Market a Website and Products

Breaking into an international market is the hardest thing business owners face. It’s not like your native country where you will just share your products on various social media platforms and start garnering traffic and sales. You have to understand the people, their culture, and other information about their buying habits. Happily, this column gives you effective strategies to implement to break into the international market:

Map out the market to find your best fit to market your business online

While your products can do well in a certain part of the world, it may not appeal to other parts. That’s why going deep into research to find the right market and staying objective is key. Base your research on target market demographics. For instance, the particular foreign country’s economic outlook, it’s digital marketing capabilities, marketing infrastructure, and the expenditure figures. From this data, you can formulate strong marketing strategies that align with those demographics.

Get insights about the new market using multiple perspectives to give you a good platform to advertise and market a website

Venturing into a new market is a scary proposition. That’s why you should leverage marketing research to assist you to know the new market from multiple perspectives. Multiple perspectives mean getting multiple views about the new market to understand where your products will fit and what problems it could solve. By doing this research, you get to know the market’s trends and norms extensively. This research will also help you pinpoint your product weaknesses in the new market, and this gives you time to fix them.

Get insights on the technology penetration in that country to aid selling of products efficiently

One of the best decisions you’ll ever take when looking to enter an international market is researching the technology adoption rate in that country or region. This will enable you to market products online and sell without having to set up a brick-and-mortar store. The research here will entail the rate of internet and Smartphone penetration and can help you formulate and implement the right digital marketing campaigns.

If there is no digital option for selling products online, choose the analog route

Not all countries have the required digital infrastructure. Some still swear by the analog model. In this scenario, you should use focus groups and surveys to get information about the ways of life in digital dead zones. This data will help you formulate and implement the right analog marketing strategies particular to that region.


To market products online beyond borders is not an easy task. You will find a lot of roadblocks ahead. But with the right research and the ability to stay focused, you’ll be able to break into it.