A 3-Step Guide On How to Sell Furniture on eBay

Selling furniture online sounded like an impossible proposition 10 years ago, but it's now the main way people buy furniture today. Whether you intend to venture into the business of buying and selling furniture online, or you just want to get rid of the old ones, eBay is the number one platform that can make the whole process effortless. While selling furniture online still has its set of challenges, if you master the entire selling process, you'll undoubtedly be able to connect with prospective buyers and make the sale quickly. 

Here you can find more information to succeed in building your furniture online store. You can also follow this specific steps to quickly sell your furnitures online:

1. Make the necessary preparations to sell furniture online

· Do a thorough market research

You will need to set the right price for your furniture about other furniture listed for sale on eBay. Make use of eBay's search functionality to bring out the prices of furniture that have already been sold. This will help you to know the right price range to tag on your furniture. Just make sure you don't price your furniture too low because of buyers associate rock-bottom prices to mediocre quality.

· Get precise dimensions of your furniture

Furniture buyers usually look for information such as weight, height, width, and depth of furniture before buying. So make sure you measure those accurately and include them in your product description.

· Organize your shipping services

The biggest challenge to selling furniture online is delivering it to the buyer. Delivering or shipping large items like furniture can be costly; which is why you have to talk to your chosen shipping company before listing the furniture on eBay. You can leverage the eBay’s shipping center to get insights about affordable shipping.

· Snap high-quality pictures of your furniture

In this day and age, it is impossible to sell anything online with poor quality photos. Before you take photos of the furniture, make your furniture look its best by cleaning it. eBay provides tips on how to take pictures that sell. So make a point to read their blog.

2. This is the time to sell furniture online by listing them on eBay

· Make the title of your furniture stand out

The reason why the title of your furniture needs to stand out is that customers will not be able to see its extended description until they click on it. Make the tile short and include all the keywords that will help buyers to find it. The keywords should include the brand name, color, material, and the kind of room best suited for the furniture.

· Craft a tantalizing product description

The kind of description you craft will significantly determine whether you sell your furniture or not. The description should highlight the strong points of your furniture to motivate customers to buy.  Strong points

of the furniture should include the kind of material used to make it and the quality of craft. Also, make a point to include negative aspects of the furniture to make it authentic. For example, if it has any damages, scratches or marks, ensure to include those in your description.

3. How to handle the situation after you sell furniture online

You should know that the most convenient payment option on eBay is PayPal. So get prepared upfront about that. If you don’t have a PayPal account already, you can set up one in a matter of minutes. The good thing about PayPal is that once your Payment is effected, you can instantly transfer the money to your bank account.


The last step in the buying process is shipping. Due to their heavy nature, furniture can get damaged in the course of shipping. Damaged furniture can earn you negative feedback from buyers. That’s why you need to solicit the services of a reliable shipping company to take care of your shipping. Well, with these tips, you are ready to start selling furniture on eBay.